FireBirdFusion is my way to share my passion and creativity to those who find my work and aestethic taste intruiging and beautiful. The world is my inspiration, my designs filtered through the veils of my Scandinavian and Slavic heritage.

Read more about my designs below. If you are curious to learn more about the creative process behind the making of my pieces, there is a marvellous world of inspiration and creative madness to be discovered in my blog and on my official Instagram account ‘FireBirdFusion’.

FireBird costumes

Creating costumes for fusion bellydance is a burning passion of mine, and the core of FireBirdFusion.

The materials I work with, from jewellery and fabric down to the buttons and threads, are as far as possible vintage, and some antique. I believe in honouring the crafts of times past and love the feeling of history and untold stories that echoes in a piece. All of my pieces are handmade by me, they are unique and made to last.

I work with all sizes and do always take your body shape into consideration when creating your unique piece. You decide on your style and concept and together we can make your costume dream a reality. Click here for more pictures.

FireBird fascinators

The FireBird fascinators and hair ornaments begun as hair adornments for tribal fusion bellydancers, but quickly evolved into becoming popular among brides, burlesque artists, and just anyone who love feeling absolutely stunning. The FireBird fascinators are designed for a life in motion on stage, which ensures that when attached properly, they stay put in your hair.

The FireBird fascinators come in various styles and sizes, from small discreet pieces which can be worn every day for work or to large extravagant Swarovski adorned ornaments ensuring that you will not pass unseen at the party or gala. All pieces are unique, hand made and created with love of the aestethics of times passed. Wear them to your fusion bellydance costume, to a burning man festival, prom or wedding. Or just do as I do, put’em on whenever you feel like spreading a little love and beauty.

All my work is made of as much upcycled and vintage material as possible. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait a couple of weeks for your own bespoke fascinator, you will find many beautiful ready to ship fascinators at the FireBirdFusion web shop on etsy.com, and click here for more information and pictures.

FireBird accessories

The FireBird accessories range from carefully sculpted porcelain talhakimt necklaces, dreamy headdresses to edgy body chains. All pieces are unique and handmade by me. I do take on commissions for accessories, but most of the pieces are ready to wear items that can be found on the FireBirdFusion Etsy shop. Visit my gallery by click here for more pictures from my work.


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