Shop update: Beautiful vintage banjara jewelry

I have just added some beautiful pieces of authentic vintage banjara jewelry and DIY components in the FireBirdFusion shop – definitely worth checking out!

These beauties were curated by myself on my latest trip to Northern India.  Coins date all the way back to the 1950s and 1960s. All pieces are in good condition, but as expected with jewelry that has been around for so long, there are imperfections like missing stones or beads. But isn’t that is exactly what we love about them, the beautiful patina and the charm of being loved and worn?

Authentic banjara upper arm bracelet with cowry shells and coins from the 1950-1960’s
Vintage cowry shell tassel with glass beads.
There are a few of these beautiful banjara buttons available at the FireBirdFusion shop right now. I am just in love with the craftmanship visible in these vintage pieces. I am personally using them for headdresses and costume bras, but the options are endless.



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