Creative Challenge

Every month I take on a creative challenge as a way to stimulate my mind and creativity. I find the process of exploring the transformation of something old and unwanted fascinating.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, are welcome to send me their challenge. The stranger and more difficult object at hand, better the challenge. For all challenges, I use as much upcycled material as possible.

The items that are a result of a FireBirdFusion Creative Challenge are listed at the FireBirdFusion shop and all surplus is donated to charity.

Follow the creative process of the challenges on my blog right here on the FireBirdFusion website, or on Instagram using the hashtag #fbfcreativechallenge


The FireBirdFusion Creative Challenge of December 2016: Harlequin Bull’s Eye fascinator. Item: broken ring with a bull’s head. Challenger: Isabelle Edh. Upcycled material used: 75%
The FireBirdFusion Creative Challenge of January 2017: The Mora bra. Item: Black cotton t-shirt with floral embrodery. Challenger: Marika Lagerwall. Upcycled material used: 99 %
The FireBird Creative Challenge of June 2017: The Ming Lotus fascinators. Item: A small red and pea green Chinese style decorative cushion. Challenger: My elderly neighbour. Upcycled material used: 75%