How it all begun

It was on a roof top terrace in Warszaw, with the sun setting behind worn buildings, that I first came in contact with the dance that twenty years later has become a burning passion in my life.

I had won a scolarship to study Polish for a month during the summer. But instead of studying, a group of six young girls sneaked away in the evenings to learn bellydance. All of us from different cultures, but with our Polish heritage in common. Two Americans, one Canadian, a Russian, a Swede (me) and our teacher, a pretty Bulgarian red headed girl with a soft yet fierce charisma that made us practice belly rolls for hours. I don’t remember their names, but I will never forget the passion and pure happiness we shared that month on our roof top terrace in Warszaw.

Back in Sweden the nights dancing faded into a fond memory, swallowed by life and studies. Time passed, I travelled the world, got a great job at the university in my home town, travelled some more, fell in love, gave birth to two adorable boys, got divorced. Created a new life for me and my kids and welcomed my old passions back into my life.

I begun dancing and create costumes for myself and my friends. I soon discovered that I had a talent for colour, shape and movement in a garnment, and I could look at a person and interpret her personality to let it shine through the pieces I created. I was happily hooked!

All pieces I make are one of a kind and made as much as possible with vintage material. There are two reasons for that, the first is that I love the feeling of taking something old and give it new life. The creative process of figuring out how to make things fit together and see through the obvious use to make it into something entirely different is one of my strongest motivations. I have turned a make up purse into a tribal fusion bra (the Magpie Goddess – check out the FireBird costumes in the gallery to see it!) and deconstructed leather sandals to make a body harness. It is fun! And it is a great way to show respect to the people whom originally made the objects and not let it be wasted. The resources of the world are not limitless. The second reason is a bit more unflattering, you see, I am like a magpie gone wild. A bird on fire. I just love flea markets, vintage stores and thrift shops. I love it. I see treasures everywhere. I collect, plan new projects, get dizzy with inspiration.

FireBirdFusion is my way of making room in my nest for new treasures. A way to share my passion and creativity to those who find my work and aesthetic taste intriguing and beautiful.

All custom pieces I make are unique and handmade by myself. I put a lot of thought, time and affection in each piece. I often create a piece from a physical source of inspiration, for example a lace blouse I find at a vintage shop or a piece of odd jewelry. I let it speak to me and then I do my outmost to challenge myself, my vision and my abilities. I like to put many layers of meaning into my creations, small details that might not be discovered at first glance. Sometimes the meaning is only known by me, sometimes it is something that is significant to my client. Sometimes it is obvious, like the Stardust costumes created shortly after David Bowie passed away.

Costumes made in remembrance of late David Bowie: the Stardust fusion bellydance costume and Stardust Queen bra.